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Happy New Year! Wish you all have a successful 2012!

invivo will publish several iOS app in early 2012. stay tune!

Get iOS Version 獲得 iOS Version 的方法

相比 iOS5,在操作時會有些 bug (UIImagePicker Controller 的 bug) 或者誤用一些 iOS5 才新增的 APIs 如 UISlider 的 TintColor。為免觸及以上情況,可以用一些簡單的方法去獲得 iOS 的方法以下:

UIDevice *device = [UIDevice currentDevice];
deviceName = [device model];
OSName = [device systemName];
OSVersion = [device systemVersion];

又或者可以用以下的 C function 去看看系統有沒一些 class 的存在:

若純粹針對這個 object 能否執行某個 message (method),可以用:
[object isResponseToSelector:@selector(functionName)];


讓 Eclipse 在 mba 跑得快。Make Eclipse Run Faster on Mac

有見 Eclipse 在 Android Run 得奇慢。所以我 StackOverflow 找找有沒讓 Eclipse Run 得快一點點。


對住 right click -> show package contents

然後用 TextEdit 開啟 Contents/MacOS/eclipse.ini 檔案

在這個 ini 檔 set 以下設定:

Dosgi.requiredJavaVersion = 1.6  //設定 Java version 去 1.6


Xmx1024m <== 讓 eclipse 食多點 ram.

那就可以了,在 mac mini 感動分別不大。我會再於 Macbook Air 上面測驗。

We are revamping our site!

Thanks Wiky! My student when I was teaching in VTC. He help me to revamp our stie as we are too busy to do that!

One more noticeable point, our app working for Canon Hong Kong is in App Store now! You may search “donate a smile” in iTunes App Store and share the fun with your friend!

Ocean Park Halloween Bash 十月全城哈囉喂

Halloween App we built for Ocean Park Hong Kong is available on App Store!


Weibo and iPhone | 新浪微博接口和iPhone SDK 整合

Recently, we have to integrated part of Weibo (新浪微博) features with an App we work for our client. Unfortunately, there isn’t any good resource to help us to communicate between Weibo API & iPhone SDK. Thus, we worked it out by ourselves. We found that it’s feasible to do it using OAuth and JSON library. Followings are the link of these two library:

OAuth for multiple platforms

JSON (Javascript Object Notation) for iPhone

We will talk more about it later!

Again, stay tuned!

Pro Snap 1.5 is sent for approval

Well, I didn’t update this blog for more than a week. I feel very sorry about that. But the reason I leave this blog is we were very busy on the next major update on Pro Snap, which is version 1.5. Compare with 1.0, it’s really powerful this time. We recode some core part of previous version in order to make it runs faster and faster. On the other hand, we add more and more lens filter, which we always focus on making Pro Snap a camera rather than a retouching app like photoshop. So, coming you will have glow filter, motion blur, sepia with improved previous filters. Also, some filter is adjustable right now. =) More and more is coming anyway… Let me upload some latest pic later.

Pro Snap

The coming update of Pro Snap (1.5) is still under development. There will be many features available for the snap shot lovers. I think the most important update is, Pro Snap will provide many customized options for the user to adjust the filters. And if you feel headache about numbers, you can still enjoy the pre-set value that our developer done for you. =)

P.S. We have a plan to do transplant Pro Snap to Android platform. Our experimental team is trying their best to build this tiny thing from the architecture of Pro Snap iPhone. Wish we can announce this good news ASAP!

in vivo

Greeting, it must be the very first post of us, invivo hk. We have started our group for around two months. Maybe it’s a bit lazy for us to start having our blog today, but actually we were quite busy on our work. It’s about our first product — Pro Snap (suppose to be second, sigh…). Pro Snap is a compact but funny stuff. This is a camera software designed for iPhone (and we have plan to transplant it to other platform).

The reason we started develop it because of my friend, Sean. He said that it’s quite difficult to talk self-portrait with friend in iPhone. He wants something that can shoot by click everywhere on the screen. That point is funny, there is not many products, especially for mobile phone, allows user taking photo by just tapping on the screen. Yeah… It’s a bit dummy but useful. After talking with Chan, we see that there is still potential in doing Camera App for iPhone. Well, tap and shoot is really not too good for user. How about more filter? and more shooting mode like real camera?

After a few weeks development, Pro Snap is different, we have a 4 camera modes (single, mixed, left/right, mirror) and 4 camera filters ( lomo, monochrome, STAR FILTER!, hue ). More and more will be coming. Wish I can tell you more stuff in coming days and more information about the development.