what’s invivo

invivo is a semi-commerical art group found by three media artists based in Hong Kong. We come from different background like mathematician, computer engineer and traditional artist. We believer that art and technology will enhance the way of expression as well as enhance the way of life. Our mission is to collaborate different talents to pursue the new form aesthetic. Also, we are glad to provide technical support to  the comrade who have the same believe. And we welcome everyone join our core team (esp. designer, architect and musician).

On the other hand, invivo is also a R&D unit expertise on new media technology like motion-detection, lighting, human-computer interactivity, computer vision and augmented reality. We have participated in different exhibitions and have our own products for latest technology for but not limited to iPhone and Android platform with server side support. If you are interested in co-work with us or you any enquiry about commercial project (mobile, new media exhibition). Please feel free to contact us by dropping an email to info@invivointeractive.com. We will reply your enquiry as soon as possible!

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