Monthly Archives: December 2009

We are on TOP!

Surprisingly, after two weeks sale, Pro Snap becomes the first paid app among the hk app store ! Though our target isn’t HK, but it’s still huge success! Thanks for the guy who helped us promoting our app. Also, thanks for our customers, not only HKers but worldwide. And here, I would like to show you some preview of the snap shot taken by the coming update! There will be numerous improvement for Pro Snap to make you $.99 more valuable. At last, we will consider translating the interface to chinese to suit chinese users’ need!

Screen shot 2009-12-07 at 6.58.23 PM


Pro Snap 1.5 is sent for approval

Well, I didn’t update this blog for more than a week. I feel very sorry about that. But the reason I leave this blog is we were very busy on the next major update on Pro Snap, which is version 1.5. Compare with 1.0, it’s really powerful this time. We recode some core part of previous version in order to make it runs faster and faster. On the other hand, we add more and more lens filter, which we always focus on making Pro Snap a camera rather than a retouching app like photoshop. So, coming you will have glow filter, motion blur, sepia with improved previous filters. Also, some filter is adjustable right now. =) More and more is coming anyway… Let me upload some latest pic later.