Monthly Archives: February 2012

A Trial on Android Market

An experimental app – Transparent Phone Free is available on Android Market. Without sufficient promotion. This app gains 1000+ download rates within 11 days. It’s an encouraging number.

Download – Transparent Phone Free

Another Popular App

Another consultancy project which is at the top at HK App Store  – Lee Kum Kee 輕鬆由我煮

What we did:

1. Connection between iOS system and client’s CMS

2. Caching content for faster I/O and reduce data usage

3. Advanced Image processing features

4. Sophisticated use of UITableView

5. Incorporated with Core Data


Admob for Android 2.2

Official admob by google API supports Android 3.2+ system only. We spotted that problem as we are going to released a free version of our new app – Transparent Phone. And the solution is simple, just use the 4.1.1 version of the admob api. The system will go back to Android 2.2. =)

You can download the jar here.