invivo’s return

Deeply Sorry! We haven’t update this blog for a long. At first, I would like to report our previous works. Throughout these few months, invivo team was very busy on several large-scale projects. These include various technology including interactive media, Android App and surely iPhone App Project. Some of that is already deployed and rest of them will be deployed in some high-profile events. Unfortunately, some projects are under-going and we are allowed to disclose anything about them. So please be patient, we will highlight those interesting projects to you. And we will surely keep update the progress of our products!

經已很久沒有更新網誌了,首先,請讓我匯報一下我們團隊之前的工作。在這幾個月的時間,invivo 的團隊都忙於幾個頗大的 project. 當中涉及很多不同的技術,有互動媒體,Android, 當然還有 iPhone 的項目,而且已經/將會應用於比較大型的活動。不過,因為尚有一些 project 仍在進行中,所以請大家耐心等待,我們會儘快讓大家看到我們的成果。以及會繼續在此網誌更新我們產品的開發進度。

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